Types of Hosting for Startups and MSMEs

Most people may think that choosing the type of hosting for startups and SMEs is not much different from choosing hosting for other websites. In fact, the hosting that will be used for a business website must be chosen based on certain calculations and considerations.

Hosting itself is the most important part of a website. If there is a problem with hosting, then your website will not be accessible to visitors and potential buyers.

Meanwhile, in today’s MSMEs and startups, the website is the most important medium in increasing sales and conducting promotions. This means that if hosting has problems, you could say your business will be hampered and cannot run well.

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Considerations for Choosing the Type of Hosting for MSMEs & Startups

Given the important role of hosting in business, it’s a good idea to consider various factors before deciding which hosting to use.

Well, here we will explain what are the factors that must be considered when choosing the type of hosting for Startups and SMEs.

types of hosting for startup SMEs


Budget or capital is of course the most important thing to consider before choosing hosting, both for MSMEs and for Startups. Because you don’t want to make a budget that is too big for hosting that ends up being wasted.

Fortunately, hosting is available in a variety of different pricing options and capacities. You can even start by renting hosting for 15 thousand Rupiah per month.

The more expensive the hosting price, of course, the greater the capacity, specifications and features you get. But all these advantages will not be used much if you do not have a responsive website with many facilities in it.


Continuing from the previous point, choosing the right specifications for your website hosting is also a consideration that needs to be taken seriously. Because if the hosting specifications are too low, then the performance of your website will be very slow.

Meanwhile, if the website specifications are too excessive, then you will incur large costs for things that are not used.

In determining website specifications, usually, you usually need to discuss it with the Project manager of the SME or Startup business website maker. Because they can estimate the approximate size of the entire site content.

That way you can rent a hosting with the most precise specifications that can accommodate all the content on the site without making the loading time slow.

Estimated Number of Visitors

Some of you may have experienced problems where you can’t visit certain sites because too many visitors are viewing the site at the same time.

As an MSME or Startup business owner, you certainly don’t want to experience problems like this. Because it can make visitors disappointed and hampered business.

That is why, considering the estimated number of visitors is very important before choosing the type of hosting for Startups and SMEs. That way, even if there is an overflow of visitors that increases many times, your website can still be visited without any problems.

Media Hosting

For those of you who don’t know, hosting is available in several types. Starting from Cloud hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated hosting. All three have a similar way of working but different database storage systems.

All three are also available at different prices. VPS Hosting is the most affordable type of hosting. Cloud hosting is more expensive than VPS because of its higher performance and quality.

And the most expensive type of hosting is dedicated hosting which can cost tens of millions of rupiah per year.

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The Best Type of Hosting for Startups and MSMEs

Well, after you have considered the 4 factors above, it is time to choose which type of hosting is most suitable for your business needs. You can buy hosting at a credible company like Niagahoster.

If you have an MSME or startup business that is creating a website for the first time, then VPS Hosting can be a good start. Because the price is affordable and the quality can be said to be okay for a new business website. There are also many visitors who come not immediately, so VPS Hosting can still accommodate it, besides that VPS hosting is also able to accommodate many visitors up to tens of thousands per day.

When the number of visitors starts to increase and you have more budget that can be used to rent better hosting, then it’s time to move to Cloud hosting.

If your Startup or MSME always has dozens or tens of thousands of visitors every day and the size of the website content is more than 30 Gb, then now is the time to rent your own dedicated hosting. Because dedicated hosting has a very large capacity and can accommodate more visitors.

Such is the type of hosting for startups and SMEs that you can choose. Every MSME and startup may have different plans, needs and considerations. However, considering that this business website is very important for business development, you should not just choose a hosting service and the type you want to rent, make sure you choose the best hosting service.

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