Easy Ways to Create Email Templates in WordPress

Easy Ways to Create Email Templates in WordPress – Maybe you have received an email from a company, or a notification from an online store, or from another large online company with an email that looks good with their logo on it and also has headers and footers in color from their website. If you ever get an email like that, the email has a template that has been customized, in contrast to most of us who send emails that only look plain text.

If you want to have an email sent by your WordPress site look like a professional looking corporate email, here I will show you how to add a beautiful email template in your WordPress site email for all outgoing messages from your WordPress site to clients or users. You. By default, all email notifications sent by WordPress are in plain text and are quite tedious.

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Benefits of Using Email Templates?

By default, WordPress sends a variety of different email notifications. If you run an individual WordPress blog writer, you may not need to use an email template.

However, if you are running a multi-author site, membership site, Affiliate site or eCommerce online store, then you are strongly recommended to use an email template, so that the email looks attractive and increases the value of your site in the eyes of members while showing that you are a professional. .

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Using colorful HTML templates for your emails provides a better user experience for your users. Also when you use colors according to your website design colors and your website logo, it makes your emails look more professional and aesthetic in the eyes of your clients.

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How to Create an Email Template in WordPress

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin Email Template. After activating the plugin, please go to settings on the menu Appearance » Email Template to create and modify your email template.

email template wordpress

The Email Template plugin makes use of the WordPress Customizer area to make settings so you can create your own beautiful templates with live previews.

The customizer has different sections. First you need to click on the settings tab where you can enter your site name and email address to use as outgoing messages.

By default, the plugin will use the email address specified in the WordPress settings. However you can change it to use another email address as you wish.

Next, click the back arrow to return to the Templates section. Under the Templates tab, you can choose whether you want to use the full-width email template or the box layout. You can also choose the background color according to the color of your site.

Once done, click on the header section to setup your email template header. You can add a logo or use text.

By default, the plugin will display your site’s name as text in the email header. You can change the appearance of the header as you wish. You can also change the font size, header text and background color.

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email template wordpress 2

Under the body section of the email, you can change the font size and color of the email template. But to change the color of the link is still not available in the settings of this plugin.

Finally, don’t overlook the footer of your email. By default the plugin will display the name of your site with a copyright mark. You can also customize it to your liking for this footer section.

You can also change the font, background and text color. You can make your email look as attractive as possible according to your imagination.

Once you have finished designing your email template, you need to click on the button Save&Publish to save your settings. For Placeholders you can use it in the body of your email, use it according to your needs, it will be automatically replaced, for example you use %%BLOG_URL%% will be replaced with your site address.

After that, click on the test send email tab to preview your email template. This plugin will also send an email to the admin address in your WordPress settings.

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Above is how to create an email template to use in WordPress so that your WordPress email looks more beautiful, you can also try other plugins that have more features, you can add social icons in the footer and other features that are not in the plugins that I made. for the tutorial above, the plugin is named WP Email Template. Hopefully the above article helps you in creating a professional and useful email. 🙂

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